iPhone XS Leather Folio Case by Apple

It can be a coincidence but often times iPhone lovers end up anything loving anything produced by Apple. We can never deny the quality and elegance that Apple brings with their products especially when you own an iPhone XS. iPhone XS was a break-through phone for apple in terms of many aspects. Be it changing the complete outlook of iPhone’s conventional design or coming up with high-end specs, it surpassed iPhone fans’ expectation. And that is what made it a successful flagship phone for Apple. So, Apple decided to launch accessories specifically designed for this phone. One such accessory is Leather Folio Case. It is made by Apple so we can definitely say it is made for iPhone XS only. Let’s have a detailed review and see if Apple was able to keep up the expectations this time too.

Leather Folio Case for iPhone XS Review

Why should you go for it?

First of all it is from Apple and secondly, it’s a leather case, nothing can make it better right? This case does live up to expectations. It is sleek, stylish and can protect your expensive phone even more than you worry about it. Leather cases can deteriorate over time but this case is specially made from European leather making it more long-lasting. Its foldable design allows you to protect the screen when it is not in use. You can open the cover flop to wake up your phone without pressing the buttons.


As you can expect, a leather case from Apple can be nothing short of luxurious and stylish. This case is made up of high-quality leather which gives it a chic finish. With different colors, the material shines through because of its quality. The leather used is tanned and European so it won’t start coming off in a few days as it happens with other cases.


Not only does it fit iPhone XS like a glove, but it also has very neatly craved iPhone logo in the back. With this cover on your phone, everyone around is bound to notice your new iPhone. You can say that foldable covers are out of fashion but Apple bringing it back with such precise edges and cuts makes it more trendy than before. And the best part is that your phone is completely safe from any damage without compromising on the look of the phone.


It’s leather so it is not going to scratch the edges of the phone like cheap material can do. It is on both sides of the phone so not only it saves your phone’s back but also the front. What more can you ask for? If you are a clumsy person and scared of breaking your new iPhone then this is the right case for you.


It comes with five colors and all are exceptional if we say so. Red, black, Forest green, cape cod blue, peony pink are the options for you to choose from.

Value for Money:

The price tag is $99 but its worth the money. No cheap cover can enhance the beauty of your phones like this cover with its sophisticated design and material.

Author: Raul Morrison