Spigen Neo Hybrid EX for iPhone 6s

A case must be able to bring out the features of your phone and be able to save it from impacts and scratches. Having an unbeatable phone with you like the Phone 6s, you need to guard it against scratches and bumps. Don’t want to steal its class away. It should look as amazing as it performs.

Well, all iPhone 6s users, this review is for you. Time to embrace the beauty of your iPhone whilst guarding your phone against any possible peril.

What to look for in a case?

A phone case must deliver protection, durability and highlight your phone. iPhone 6s has a chic bodice, hiding it would be a sin! Grab the Spigen Neo Hybrid EX for your iPhone 6s.

The Specifics

The Spigen Neo Hybrid EX for iPhone 6s is a 2-part smartphone. It has a clear TPU case with a metal frame. You first place the clear flexible TPU clear case and then mount the metal bumper on it. This metal bumper will frame the sides of the phone, leaving the back transparent flaunting the sleek back. The frame is a hard polycarbonate material. There are cutouts in the clear TPU cover for easy access to the portal entries. The frame, on the other hand, it carries buttons for the power and volume buttons. These are very responsive and carry a metallic sheen to it giving it a very attractive side.

Protection to Phone

The Spigen Neo Hybrid protects the screen due to its raised edges. The screen will not touch the surface when placed face-down. The clear TPU case enhances the original features of the phone, with an added twist on the sides. It has a dotted pattern that prevents the case from becoming botched from fingerprints. What’s the use of an iPhone 6s when you don’t get to show off the half-eaten Apple slogan present on the backside.

The bumpers are designed to shield the sides. Coming in a wide variety of colors, it allows you to mix and match, matching your mood and style for the day. Gone are the days when installing a phone case meant scraping away the color from the sides. The clear TPU case of the 2-part install feature makes sure that doesn’t happen. The Spigen Neo Hybrid EX delivers attractive protection. You can see their name engraved on the frame.

This a light weighted case of about 35 grams. Easy to pop it in place. Spigen Hybrid EX is simple, yet it makes your iPhone 6s stands out.


The frame comes in rose gold and silver. Just change the frame for a different look. The case compliments your iPhone 6s perfectly through a colored frame and clear behind.


It currently costs $15.99, if you purchase it from Amazon. You can also purchase used ones ranging from $4 to $9.

If you aspire a neat look, Spigen Neo EX is a fair choice to make. It does not come at a hefty price.

Author: Raul Morrison